Secure your app front-end with Windows Phone 7 icons

Getting the right balance of the User Interface along with the back-end of your application is extremely important while trying to set up a good application. Windows Phone 7 Icons for developers help strike that balance. Read further to get to know how.

Getting the user interface right can be a daunting task for many a programmer, yet it is a task that cannot be neglected because even the most extraordinary of applications when combined with an ordinary UI may fail to catch the user’s imagination. To be able to garner the best interest for your app you need to be able to present a pleasing front-end that makes a user stick to your app long enough to use and like the functionality.

Contrary to the belief, a good user interface is not hard to make, all you need to do is allow for comfortable navigation while keeping it simple and sober. Your color combination largely depends upon the client base you are targeting, but when you cater to a large and diverse group of people such as those by a social networking site, you need to be neutral as far as possible. A neat appearance always helps, and it is with that in mind that the latest Windows phone 7 icons have been developed.

These icons are a developers’ paradise as a small payment of $79 would fetch you 576 top-notch, ready to deploy icons. All of these icons have an outer size equivalent to a 48 by 48 pixels square, while an additional image is centered within a square of side 26 pixels. These icons are available in white along with a transparent background and come in the widely used PNG format.

You can find icons galore to fulfill your heart’s desire over here as you’ll find the most common of images such as those for windows, redo, back, percentage, email, copyright, synchronize, refresh and update amongst others, along with some not commonly used ones such as a feather icon, a pen icon, a desk icon etc. the best lot though would have to be the images that apparently depict the weather such as the mist icon, hail with the fog, hail with rain, heavy fog, strong fog and mist icon. This poses an immense opportunity for you as you have the chance to use all of these unique and hitherto undefined icons to your advantage on your way to giving the app an extra edge. It’s all positive from where I look at it as you can now divert most of your attention to the back end of the application while letting these icons to take care of the time consuming front end. Just deploy these images according to your need and ensure a neat and acceptably snazzy UI.
Transgress mediocrity and move into a more sophisticated and well managed world by using these icons, they have the potential to be a class A tool for developers on their way to making ever popular apps.

Avoiding Unscoped Work from Unreasonable Clients – a Good Contract can Save Your Money as Well as Improves Sales Opportunity

Have you ever has any sorts of dispute with a clients? Well, most of the freelancers will answer no of this question because they think that dispute as something which will result them court proceeding or the intervention of lawyers.  Well, this completely wrong information, that many people believe that contracts are only mean full in the event of a dispute.  A good contract can save your money, time as well as improve your brand image and sales opportunity.  Some of the common reason for the extra unscoped work is discussed below:

  • The client changed his or her mind about the project necessities.
  • The client comprehensive the scope of the project further than the concise
  • The client likely to get the services that the freelancer had not initially intended to supply
  • The client has not offered the necessary information desired to complete something
  • The client has been sluggish in approving drafts in spite of imminent deadlines

Disputes or spending unplanned time working for  the “unreasonable clients” generally result in the lost profit, to have very less time in spending on to get the new work and stress. Amazingly, when you already have bent over the backwards to avoid the dispute -despite all this extra effort -business will as well get damaged, as in minds of a client, you are one to be unreasonable! In the circumstances – from commercial perspective, that makes little sense to view disputes or unreasonable clients in a same way: do best in avoiding them.

Thus, how we do that?
To manage expectations of the clients up front or giving client clear choices to extend scope of a work – by subject and agreement to appropriate any kind of the changes in price or agreed timelines – are keys in avoiding any kind of disputes and doing the unpaid work.