Large Weather Icons – Related To Various Weather Condition!

Large Weather Icons have designed by the expert’s icons designers to inform about various weather related information such as: sidebar gadgets, weather toolbars and weather portals. The user can get more than 48 professionally crafted designs of the icons image from these icons collection. Large Weather Icons is show various condition of the weather in smooth and attractive image formats. These icons are suitable option both for the web sites and software related application. These icons are available in several sizes like the 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 256×256 and 512×512 as well as more than 32 bit color scheme that suitable for the users to choose any designs easily. You can also find all these icons in various formats such as: ICO, PNG, and BMP through which you can never requires to make any change in your system setting to download your desire icons designs that related with various condition of weather. The weather icons are handy while displaying weather status, and generating the weather based content and lots more.

You may also customize look of the website according to weather conditions (CSS -Tricks has the nice tutorial). There are some beautiful weather free condition icons that is been used. Here is the collection of all of them: The set of around 38 best quality of weather icons, which includes each weather condition such as rainy, sunny, foggy, snowy, and lots more. Download file’s extension should get changed to the .zip for opening file. They are in the PSD format with layers and 58*54px size. The second weather icons have around twenty two unique icons, sixty six in total: day or night as well as three different sizes: (38x34px, 28x25px, 56x50px).The beautiful weather icon with around 47PNG icons in 128X128px sizes. They are all free for the non-commercial projects.

Icon Mega-Pack: All Icon Sets

Designing graphics on a budget has never been easy. Software developers use dozens, and often hundreds of small images (icons) throughout a single application. Custom ordering all of them makes little sense, unless you’re making a Photoshop killer or building a similarly ambitious project.

Stock icons are a perfect alternative to custom graphics for the rest of us. Stock graphics are instantly available, come with clear licensing terms, and eliminate waiting and guessing from your routine. With ready-made icons, you get exactly what you see, pay a discounted price, and receive your images in a matter of minutes – not days, weeks or months.

Every icon set is unlike another. The many collections of ready-made icon sets cover various topics, serve different platforms, and come with different licensing terms attached. And of course, the icon sets come in a wide assortment of sizes, color depths and file formats. Some icon sets are drawn better than others, and some have extra features such as a separate semi-transparent layer (the Alpha-channel) allowing the images blend smoothly with difficult backgrounds. Finding and choosing the right icon set can be just as difficult as ordering custom graphics to a designer.

Aha-Soft All Icon Sets offer the ultimate answer to the entire stock icon set dilemma. This monster icon pack includes more than two hundred collections, or over 25,000 unique icons covering pretty much everything from social networks to medicine, financial and transportation applications.

All Icon Sets integrate multiple collections of icons. Each icon set is dedicated to a certain topic. There are icon sets for Windows developers, and there are icon sets for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone apps, as well as Web portals, databases and online tools. No matter what platform you are targeting, All Icon Sets will have something for everyone.

With as many as 25,000 individual icons in 200 icon sets, the icon mega-pack includes images in a widest range of sizes, color depths, activity states and file formats. Depending on the target platform, the icons come in all sizes defined by the platform’s design guidelines. The sizes include resolutions of 16×16 to 512×512 pixels, depending on the platform and application of the particular icon set. The icons from All Icon Sets are provided in a combination of BMP, GIF, PNG, and Windows ICO formats. Vector sources can be provided with some icon sets including AI, SVG, PDF, CDR, XAML, 3DMax, and PSD formats.

All Icon Sets come with full-size, instant online preview. Visit to check out previews, download free samples or place an order.

Stock Icons – Start Downloading!

Stock icons are the collections of various eye-catching and excellent Windows icons. With the stock icons you can get assortment icons formats through which you can make the interface fast and easy. These days, stock icons are the right options for everyone. Also, you can use these sorts of icons in your websites and assortment windows version. One of the best benefits of these sorts of stock icons is available in online media and cheap. Also, you can get these sorts of icons in trail version from online media. Keep in mind that you can use the trail version icons for 30 days. Before using these sorts of icons you should ensure that you are using original software and websites. Now, the demand of stock icons is going on high in the commercial market. So, you can get these sorts of icons easily and cheaply. So, let’s start download the stock icons from online!

Icon Studio gives you the professional royalty stock icons for the developers. Every icon collection has around 110 stock icons at the quality you need. And you may download free Stock Icons now. Studio gives you the professional royalty stock free icons to the developers. Every icon collection has 110 toolbar icons at the quality, which you want. The sophistique combines features of the vector images and Smooth drawing style, which retains realistic appeal of the Windows Vista design. Also, it has the beautiful style between smooth and realistic figurative look. The colors are graded for the peaceful look that retains the lifelike taste, generally achieved through the bitmap images, however in case presented as the vectors. Icons in the Sophistique are also given in the vector format so they are edited fully and scaled to size, over 1000×1000 Pixels without any loss in the quality; which makes them perfect not just for the applications but for the business card, documents, presentations, catalogs and lots more.

All Menu Icons Bundle Packs 13,000 Icons into a Single Value Pack

Shopping for ready-made icons and want the best value? Stop right here: the pack of All Menu Icons bundles 13,000 unique images into a single value pack. How much value? If you buy this pack, each image will cost you only 3 cents.

With that many icons offered at a deeply discounted price, there must be a caveat, right? Well, let’s see. Licensing terms? All Menu Icons are royalty-free, allowing you to use them as many times and in as many projects as you need. Whether you’re developing mass-production software or design custom Web sites, All Menu Icons will never ask you for an extra fee. With convenient, royalty-free terms, All Menu Icons represent simply the best value among competition.

Visual quality? All icons comprising the All Menu Icons set are professionally designed and carefully crafted by professional artists, then assembled into themed sets for easier reference. There are numerous images drawn in a number of visual styles, allowing you designing bright and vivid Web sites or applications with decidedly muted looks while maintaining the usual high level of visual clarity.

Technically, All Menu Icons offer icons in multiple sizes and formats. There are five pixel sizes (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48), two color depths (8-bit and True Color with alpha-channel), and four file formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG), with individual resolutions offered at an even further discount. Three visual states representing Normal, Disabled and Highlighted versions of navigation elements are supplied. The variations boost the total number of images to over 600,000.

Writing about images, reading about icons or talking about images won’t tell you anything about how they actually look. Visit to have a brief look at the preview and decide for yourself whether All Menu Icons are what you’re looking for. Didn’t find an icon you were looking for? We will make one right for you, according to your needs and specifications.

Pixels Per Inch Helps to Print Superb Quality Image!

PPI or Pixels per inch is also known as the pixel density that required dimensioning resolution of technology in assortment contexts. Particularly, the image scanners, computer displays, and digital camera image sensors. Also, the PPI can mention the pixels of pictures to be printed within a particular area. For example, a 100x 100 image pixel that can print in a one square to kept 100 dots per inch. If you want to use this technology, you can get assortment benefits that you can not imagine. Now, there are numbers apps have evolved through which you can use it properly.

Before using it you need to consider the features and benefits of it. In this way, you can manipulate the PPI successfully with better approach. Also, the PPI has required 300 dots for supreme and excellent quality photographs. When you are using this sort of technology, always you need to look for the 300 dots for perfect quality image. PPI of the computer display is been related to size of a display in the inches and total number of the pixels in horizontal as well as vertical directions. The measurement is referred as the dots in inch, though this measurement more rightly refers to resolution of the PC printer.

For instance, 15inch display that dimensions work to 12inches wide by nine inches high, maximum 1024*768 (and XGA) pixel resolution, will display over 85PPI in horizontal and the vertical directions. The figure is been determined just by dividing width (and height) of display area in the pixels by width (and height) of display area in the inches. It’s likely for the display’s vertical and horizontal PPI measurements being different (for example, the typical 4:3ratio CRT monitor show the 1280 * 1024 mode PC display at the maximum size that is 5:4 ratio, not very same as 4:3.

Visual Style Uniform or Customtailored Unify Standard in the Designs of Tabs!

These days, there are so many icons are invented to make the user’s work much easier. Whether you are Linux or Windows OS user, now you can download several icons on your desktop to give them an attractive look. These icons are also profitable for OS developers to set limitation on the application developers. Visual style uniform or customtailored is also profitable for the application developers. It is also used to unify standard in the design of tabs, which is ultimately beneficial for the users. These visual styles are created carefully and nicely to decrease the productivity. Normally, while working on visual style of a particular application we don’t know how to control the interface and how dense is the information output. There are also some important things you have to consider while to create a more suitable design for a certain interface and can influence the visual interface design.

It is worth to think: why question of the strict standardization of controls is not the pain for the web application developers? In broad world of web nobody holds such weight as the OS developers do in the own little worlds. Try and imagine the consultant telling Bloglines, Blinksale or Basecamp developers to come at the unified standard in design of tabs that will be assertedly essential for users. He is ridiculed, and this will serve him just right. It is same as one will try and make the unified standard for the door handles. THe innumerable shape variations (say nothing about texture and color) do not prevent us from the productive opening as well as closing of doors. Carefully, right and nicely made visual style not just decreases productivity, however on contrary, helps to increase that.