Showing Your Cards or Why Windows is Not Mac OS

Now days, the Expose is becoming most favorite interface feature for numbers of Mac OS X users. This sort of interface is so efficient and convenient for toggling in between the Mac OS X, and Windows. It’s not surprising that sometime Expose has been presented as a key benefit of Mac OS X interface over the Windows. One of the best advantages of Windows interface is making the hypothetical Expose for Windows less effective than the real function of Mac OS X. Keep in mind that Expose is not randomly scattering the Windows throughout the screen. This sort of technology is the best option for you if you are working on a Mac OS X or Windows OS. With the help of this technology, you can get numbers of advance features for easy interface while you are computing. Now, you need to move for the online media and download it on your computer in cheap. Thus, maybe one who think interface designers from the Microsoft just don’t want a few evil tongues accuse them to copy Apple’s interface solutions are correct? That sounds true to the life.

At SxSW2006 conference former Microsoft designer then admitted this issue actually worried them. He as well noted by time Expose was been released, and Microsoft had similar prototypes. And it is believable and maybe he talked about the Scalable Fabric? Likely, however I will not say this prototype very closely resembles Expose. Thus, why these prototypes haven’t used? Because of Apple’s priority? Is that true they have already suffered fate of Soviet moon expedition, and curtailed shortly after successful touchdown of Americans? In case, everybody was convinced in importance of the functionally in the Windows, like Mac addicts are all about Expose in the OS X, considerations will not have stopped the Microsoft.

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