Pictogram Can Resemblance to a Physical Object

Pictogram is also known as pictograph. Pictogram can convey explain the meaning of it through resemblance to a physical object like prehistoric drawings, and paintings. Pictogram is also used to write graphic system through the characters to measurable extent pectoral in looks. Pictogram is a form of writing that has used in representational and pictorial drawings.

Pictogram is a basis form of hieroglyphic writing, cuneiform, and these are using in determinative rhymes, phonetic letters and painting. If you move towards 500 years back, then you can hear that Chinese, Egyptian, and Sumerian peoples were begun to use the pictogram symbols. Subsequently, it has developed in form of logographic writing system around the 3rd millennium BCE. Pictogram is still in use as the prime media of communication in some regions like The Americas, Oceania, and Africa. Often, Pictogram can be used as simple, representational symbols, and pictorial through contemporary cultures. Pictographs stay in the common use now, serving as the pictorial, instructions, representational signs, and statistical diagrams. Due to the graphical nature or fairly realistic style, you will see they are used widely to indicate the public toilets, and places like train stations and airports.

The standard set of the pictographs was been defined in international standard ISO7001: the Public Information Symbols. One more very common set of the pictographs are laundry symbols that are used on the clothing tags or chemical hazard. The pictographic writing as modernist poetic method is been credited to Pound Ezra, though the French surrealists rightly credit Pacific Northwest American of Alaska that introduced writing, through totem poles, on North America. The contemporary artist Bing made Book from Ground, the universal language that was made from pictogram collected from all over the world.

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