National Gallery – Representing Arts from the Mid 13th Century To 1900

National Gallery was established in London in 1824. It is a house of various collection attractive painting that representing arts from the mid 13th century to 1900. You can get more than 2300 attractive and memorable painting in this gallery. This gallery is an exempt charity, of the Media, Sport and a non-departmental public that related to the Department for Culture. These collections are also belonging to the public of the UK, so they can entry to main collection area without any entry free. With comparison to the art museum of the Museo Del Prado of Madrid or Louvre in Paris the National Gallery was never shaped by nationalizing that a princely art and existing royal collection. This process was started when the British government purchased 38 painting from heirs of the insurance agent and supporter of arts John Julius Angerstein in 1824. Due to these reasons, the National Gallery of London has managed to attract more painting lovers than other.

After that first purchase Gallery was mainly shaped by the early directors, and notably Charles Lock Eastlake, or by the private donations that comprise 2 thirds of collection. Resulting collection is very small in the size, when compared with a lot of European national galleries, however encyclopaedic in the scope; major developments in the Western painting “Giotto to C?zanne” are been represented with some important works. Also, used to get claimed this was some national galleries, which had all works on the permanent exhibition, however it is no longer case. Present building, third to house National Gallery, designed by Wilkins William from 1832. Just the fa?ade on Trafalgar Square stays essentially unchanged from time, since building is expanded piecemeal all over the history.

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