Microsoft .NET – Offering Numerous Advantages

The Net Framework runs primarily on Microsoft windows which is a software framework consist of large library and supports various programming languages. It also allows language interoperability through which every types of language can use code written in other languages. It execute through a software environment called as CLR which is an application offer important services such as security, memory management and exception handling. The library and the common language routine together comprise the .NET framework. It offers numerous advantages or benefits to the user such as data access, user interface, cryptography, web application development and network communications.

The .NET framework is designed to be used for the Windows platform. Microsoft also creates a well known integrated development environment called as visual studio. The NET framework offers means to access functionality because computer system usually needs communication between new and older application. The CLR is the execution engine of the .NET framework as all program execute under the management of the CLR.

Interoperability As computer systems need the interaction between the new and the older applications,.NET Framework provides gives to access the functionality, which is implemented in the programs, which execute outside .NET environment. Also, access to the COM components is given in System. Enterprise Services name spaces of framework; and access to some other functionality is given by using PInvoke feature.

Common Runtime Engine Common Language Runtime is an execution engine of .NET Framework. And all .NET software execute under supervision of CLR, assuring some properties as well as behaviors in areas of the memory management, safety, as well as exception handling.

Language Independence .NET Framework introduces the Common System. The CTS specification also defines possible data types as well as programming constructs that are supported by CLR as well as how they might not interact with one another conforming to Common Language Infrastructure specification.

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