Pixel is the Right Option for Editing the Real Image!

Pixel is a single point in a digital imaging or raster image. It is a smallest segment of an image that can be controlled or represented on the screen. Keep in mind that each pixel is having own address, and a pixel is corresponding to its coordinates. It is most important to remember that each pixel is normally organized in two dimensional grids. If you want to edit an image, then you should start the editing from pixel. For your information each pixel is a sample of real image.

If you gather more samples, then you can get a real image on your screen. Pixel intensity is an incompatible! The color has represented by the pixel in three or four components like blue, red, green, yellow, magenta, cyan and black. In some cases, the pixel is used to represent a single scale part of a multi-parts representation. Now, there are numbers of people following this sort of technique for modifying the real images. In a few contexts (like descriptions of the camera sensors), term pixel is been used to refer single scalar element of the multi component representation (precisely named photosite in camera sensor context, though neologism sensel is at times used for describing elements of the digital camera’s sensor), whereas in others term might generally refer to entire set of these component intensities for the spatial position. Also, in the color systems that make use of chroma subsampling, multi component feature of the pixel will get difficult to apply, as intensity measures for different color components also correspond to various spatial areas in representation. Word pixel is totally based on the contraction of the pix and el; same formations with the el for “element” and include words voxel and texel.

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