Drawing Button Images for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Applications

Developing standalone application or designing an online project? Ensure your product looks modern and contemporary by checking the graphics used against modern standards. This article explains the latest trends in drawing modern, good-looking images for your off-line and on-line projects.

With every new version of Windows, Microsoft updates guidelines for graphic designers. If you want your product look consistent with the newest Windows, it is important to read and understand the guidelines.

Not getting much into technical details, Microsoft points out that Vista-style graphics differ from previously used XP-style graphics in several ways. The drawing style of the new images becomes more realistic than XP icons, but still remains on the symbolic level without becoming too realistic. Microsoft also extends the icon format by defining the largest size of the graphics to PNG-compressed 256×256 pixel images, effectively ensuring that applications look good on modern high resolution monitors. Finally, Microsoft recommends that toolbar icons are optimized for smaller sizes, and advises that toolbar icons bear enough visual distinctiveness even in their lowest resolutions. Toolbar graphics in Windows Vista have no very little details such as shadows, and are front-faced with no perspective.

Well-designed and carefully thought of icons enhance the appearance of your software, making them more consistent with Windows and third-party software installed on the user’s PC. Good icons improve usability and efficiency of products, making it easier to use and more intuitive through better communication of ideas through symbols. Good graphics make objects and actions easier to learn and to use day by day.

Vista Toolbar Icons

Vista Toolbar Icons are a set of stock application and toolbar icon images designed in the new Windows Vista/7 style. Strictly adhering to the latest guidelines, the graphics share common style, colors and gamma, and come in all standard sizes, including the recently added 256×256 True Color format with semi-transparency. Vista Toolbar Icons can be used in products designed for Windows Vista, as application or toolbar icons, on Web sites and on-line portals. Simply visit 777 icons to view full-size previews of Vista Toolbar Icons.

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