Moving of icons of appendices on a table iPhone

Today in our heading PhoneHelp, we will tell about how in iPhone to create additional desktops and as on them to move icons.

After you will start to install applications from App Store on iPhone, that is necessary for you of more place on a desktop iPhone becomes clear to you. The Desktop iPhone can’t contain more than 20 icons. So where to place icons of all established appendices? Don’t worry, in iPhone this problem dares simple addition of new desktops. So you easily place all icons of the established appendices.Also you can move icons from one desktop on another. For this purpose it is necessary to enter into a mode of dragging of icons. Into this mode enter by means of pressing an icon and its keeping within one second then all icons start to “shiver”, it and means that that you in a mode of dragging of icons. Now you can move icons a finger in any place of a desktop. For an exit from a mode of dragging of icons press button Home Button.

To establish an icon on Dock (which is in the bottom of the display iPhone), it is necessary to release at first on it a place. For this purpose enter into a dragging mode, to drag an icon with Dock on a desktop, and then on its place to drag the icon.

If you need to create the additional main menu simply drag an icon in the right party of the display iPhone before occurrence of a new pure desktop. You can create no more than nine desktops.

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